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Precaution To Be Taken After Cataract Eye Surgery

New Delhi, Delhi - India

2019-10-18 12:53:46

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Description: Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures in India. We have all heard of someone in our family – parents, grandparents, uncle or aunts having to undergo cataract surgery. Do not rub your eye with your hands. This can dislodge the stitches if any have been used. Also, it can cause eye infection. If your eye waters or itches, you can wipe it gently with clean tissue or a sterile, moist cotton swab. Do not have a shower bath for first 10 days after the surgery. This doesn’t mean you stay un bathed for 10 days, you can take a bath below the chin and can use the wet towel while cleaning your face. Do not wash your face with normal water for 10 days Do not indulge in activities that might cause damage to your eyes. Do not play with children and do not indulge in sports like swimming for a month to avoid any chance of infections or injuries.

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