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Activity Challenge: Burn while you earn! The all new fitness app!

Panaji, Goa - India

2019-07-09 10:59:03

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supriya ponnala

Phone Number: 0000000

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Description: Normally, you have to pay money to join a gym to work out. Right? It's always been- working to earn money to then spend on working out. But did you know that the opposite is possible too? You can now earn money by completing challenges to work out! The new app Activity Challenge lets you make a group, challenge them, or just challenge a member, and then earn money by completing the challenge. All you have to do is download the Activity Challenge app, register and pay the 1$ fee, and then start challenging! No hidden costs, no hidden agendas. Stay constantly fit with Activity Challenge, the app that motivates you to work out. No need to run to the gym every morning anymore. Work out right in your own home, whenever you want, with the added bonus of earning money! Bond with your friends, family and relatives by challenging them to stay fit and earn money. Download the Activity Challenge app today! Activity Challenge App

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