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Natural Eco Water Softener for Poultry farms

Mahesh Nager
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - India

2020-02-06 11:06:31

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Mahesh Nager

Phone Number: 9399936356

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Description: Poultry Water Softener: Animals can survive longer without food than they can without water. Water is involved in every aspect of animal metabolism. To remain healthy, poultry flocks require water of adequate quality and quantity. Hard water effects on chicks, Hens in Poultry: Heavy minerals in hard water decrease the growth and weight of chicks & hens. Alkara water conditioner improves the oxygen levels of water & enhances the growth and weight of chicks, hens & better production of eggs and gives crystal clear healthy water with better ph level. Improves Water penetration & Save Water usage Unblocks the dripper and sprinkler with scaling. Prevents build up scale formation, clog and pipe corrosion. Drip lines stay clean Ball valves and taps operate smoothly Inhibits algae growth – stock troughs and tanks remain cleaner Alkara.. Low cost, Easy to Install No electricity, No water wastage Eco friendly, No harmful chemicals No maintenance required Unlimited water Note: Price depends on the pipe size For Further details:- Please Visit: www.alkara.in Cell: 9399936356

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