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Description: Oval gear flow meter is a kind of positive displacement meter to Measure the liquid flow or instantaneous flow of the pipe tube. it is a Kind of accumulate meter. with characteristics of high accuracy, small change by the fluid Viscosity, it is widely used to measure oil kind liquid, but it is forbidden to measure corrosive Liquid WORKING PRINCIPAL The measurement part of oval gear flow meter is posed by two elliptical Gears mesh with each other and its shell (measuring room). The figure shows that the flow meter works by two elliptical gears to mesh With each other, its working process are as follows: P1 in the figure shows The pressure of liquid from inlet side, to show the outlet pressure, the Bottom rotor has no rotating torque even it effected by the liquid pressure, but the above Gears will move by the rotating “TORQUE” caused by liquid pressure. as the two gears mesh with each other, they move with O1, O2 axis of rotation direction of the arrow, meanwhile, gear O1 will push the liquid out From half-moon space. In the status of the above gear is driving gear, and the bottom gear is Driven gear. both of these two gears have rotating torque by the liquid pressure, and they Move with the direction of the arrow to space the gear space is opposite to, the bottom gear is Driving gear, and above gear is driven gear. The bottom gear pushes the liquid out from the Half-moon space under the liquid press pushes liquid volume four times of “measurement Room”. So, as long as the rotation of gears, the liquid volume can be counted. ure. such Continues working, the gears turn a circle, it pushes liquid volume four times of “Measurement room”. so, as long as the rotation of gears, the liquid volume ca n be counted. we are #1 supplier / manufacturer of gear flow meter, gear pump in India. Contact gear pump manufacturer, gear pump supplier in India. Inquire us your requirement at : info@sspumpsindia.com , malharpump@gmail.com Call us at : +91- 81401 79903, +91-79 – 25431453 Website - http://malharpumps.com/ Visit Link - http://malharpumps.com/oval-gear-meters/

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