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Benefits of Rice Rubber Rolls to Improve Productivity

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh - India

2018-07-17 16:19:03

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Description: Rice production is a chief industry in the arena of agricultural products and processing. There are many steps involved in production of rice including cleaning and polishing. The cleaning and polishing of paddy grains decide the life period and appearance of the rice. These processes are the key steps to make rice look fine and get ready to cook. The rice rubber rolls use polymer to dehusk the paddy grains. The breakage is lesser when compared to traditional dehusking machines since traditional machines used machines like iron and aluminum to dehusk the paddy grains. Hence, the productivity is improved in case of polymer rice rubber rolling machines. The cleaning of paddy is a herculean task since raw paddy comes with stones, dirt, husk, and weed seeds. The purification and polishing of rice gets easier with rice rubber polisher and hence it is a gift for rice millers. The rice millers can get maximum price for the polished rice using rice rubber rolls This is a cost- effective method since rubber rolls consume less power when compared to traditional machinery. The cost to renovate the traditional rice milling machinery with rubber machinery is very less as well. Here are the advantages of rice rubber rolls in improving productivity. · This is a cost- effective method to improve productivity. · Maintenance cost of this machinery is less. · The quality of rice produced using rice rubber rolls is outstanding. · The breakage of rice grains will be less and assures high -quality productivity by making rice look finer and last fresh for a longer time. www.alaskaduraflex.com

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