Isolated Treatment Room

Phek, Nagaland - India

2018-06-02 12:28:04

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Airtech Pte Ltd

Phone Number: (65) 6746 6194

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Description: Isolated Treatment room is used to treat the patients in secure condition to keep away from germs and other air born bacteria’s and viruses. Airtech Isolated Treatment Room has many unique features they are Low noise design considering the patient's residence and Electric curtains opening and closing of bed can be operated by blind. Bathroom shower unit is supplied with sterile water. In piping systems and also to be sterilized. To effectively use the room is a folding shower unit. Contact Us: No.7 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Techpark, Singapore - 416185 Tel : (65) 6746 6194 Fax : (65) 6747 0327 / 6746 4994 Email : sales@airtech.com.sg Web : http://www.airtech.com.sg/

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