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Brahmin Marriage Contractors in Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka - India

2018-02-14 12:39:28

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Brahmin Caterer

Phone Number: 9513813615

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Description: Brahmin Caterer - Best/Top Veg Caterer in Bangalore & Brahmin/Best Marriage Contractors in Bangalore BRAHMIN CATERER - WEDDING brings all the Family members, relatives and friends together to Enjoy from Heart.It is the dream of every Father that his Daughter’s Marriage should be the BEST.In Tamil, there is a proverb ”KALYANAM PANNIPAAR, VEETAI KATTIPAAR”A Wedding Includes, Attractive Decorations, Warm Welcome, A Good Photography, Nadaswaram, Tasty And Delicious Food Etc.. ** The Engagement Ceremony Is An Important Pre-Wedding Ritual In Indian Cultures Where The Would-Be-Bride And The Bridegroom-To-Be Come Face To Face And Are Formally Betrothed To Each Other By Their Families. The Hindu Tradition Of ‘Vagdanam’ Dates Back To Vedic Ages, And It Involves The Groom’s Family Giving Their Words To The Bride’s Family That They Will Accept Their Daughter And Will Be Responsible For Her Future Wellbeing. It Is Sort Of An Exchange Of Pledges Between The Families And A Chance Of Getting To Know Each Other’s Customs Or Rituals The Ceremony Begins With Worshipping Of The Almighty Ganesha Followed By Exchange Of Clothes And Gifts Between The Two Families. ** The Bride And The Groom Then Change Into The New Clothes. The Groom’s Sister Applies Tilak Of Kumkum And Chandan On The Bride’s Forehead And Offers Her A Garland While The Bride’s Brother Does The Same To The Groom. The Bride And Groom Then Exchange Rings And Seek Blessings From The Elders. OTHER SERVICES * Ayushya Homam * Birthday Party * Naming Ceremony * Bheema ratha Shanthi * Rudrekadashi * Ayyappa Pooja * Punyaham * Get together * Reception Contact Us: GTalk: brahmincaterer@gmail.com Call: +91 9513813615 Visit: http://www.brahmincaterer.com/

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