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14/12/2015 Language Classes

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Introduction to Java programming

  • The Java Virtual Machine

  • Variables and data types

  • Conditional and looping constructs

  • Arrays

Object-oriented programming with Java Classes and Objects

  • Fields and Methods

  • Constructors

  • Overloading methods

  • Garbage collection


  • Overriding methods

  • Polymorphism

  • Making methods and classes final

  • Abstract classes and methods

  • Interfaces

Exception handling with try-throw-catch-finally constructs

  • The Exception class

The Object class

  • Cloning objects

  • The JDK LinkedList class

  • Strings

  • String conversions

Working with types: Wrapper classes

  • Enumeration interface


  • Package access


  • Configuring applets

  • Applet capabilities and restrictions

Basics of AWT and Swing

  • Layout Managers

  • Event Handling

  • The Action Listener interface

  • Classes for various controls, such as label, choice, list,

  • Checkbox, etc.

  • Dialogs and frames

  • Using menus

  • Using the adapter classes

  • Graphics


  • Synchronization

The I/O Package

  • Input Stream and Output Stream classes

  • Reader and Writer classes

Database connectivity with JDBC

  • Java security


Advanced Java Programming (J2EE)


Java Database Connectivity

  • JDBC Product

  • Types of Drivers

  • Two-Tier Client/Server Model

  • Three-Tier Client/Server Model

  • Basic Steps of JDBC

  • Creating and Executing SQL Statement

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