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World of Aikido Martial ArtsAuthor: Nizam ShapieDo not fight force with force ran ban rb2140 polarized , this is the most basic principle of Aikido. Considered as one of the non-aggressive styles in martial arts, Aikido has bee popular because it does not instigate or provoke any attk. Instead, the force of the attker is redirected into throws, locks, and several restraining techniques.Since aikido uses very few punches and kicks, the size, weight, age, and physical strength of the participants or the opponents only partake only a small role. What is important is the skilled Aikido prtitioner is skilled enough to redirect his or her attkers energy while keeping him or her in a constant of unbalance. The history of Aikido as a martial art can be tred when Morihei Ueiba discovered and developed its principle of aikido. Known as (O Sensei) or the (Great Teher), Ueiba made sure to develop a martial art that is based on a purely physical level using movents like throws, joint locks and techniques derived from another martial arts like (Jujitsu)and (Kenjutsu). Technically, aikido was stemd out and developed mainly from (daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu) while incorporating several training movents similar to the (yari) or spear, (jo) or a ort (quarterstaff) and from (juken) or (bayo). Although these jujitsu movents are prominent while prticing the martial art, many prtitioners agree that strongest influences of aikido is that of kenjutsu. When he finally developed the minor and major principles of Aikido ran ban rb2140 uk , Ueiba emphasized that the martial art does not only pertain to self-defense techniques but can also play a major role in the enhancent of the prtitioners moral and spiritual aspects eventually leading them to ple greater weight on the developnt and hievent of pee and harmony. In ft, because of the great emphasis in the developnt of harmony and pee, seasoned aikido prtitioners say that (the way of harmony of the spirit) is one phrase that could describe or translate the term (aikido) in Engli. Just like any other martial art, aikido has various techniques that include ikkyo or the (first technique), (nikyo) or the (second technique), (sankyo), or the (third technique), (yonkyo) or the (fourth technique), the (gokyo) or the (fifth technique), the (ihonage) or the (four-direction throw), the (kotegaei) or the wrist return, (kokyunage) or the (breath throw), (iriminage) or the entering-body throw, (tenchinage) or the (heaven-and-earth throw) ran ban rb3025 polarized uk , (koinage), or the (hip throw), (jujinage) or the (aped-like-(ten)-throw), and the (kaitennage) or the rotation throw. Although aikido is not about punching or kicking the opponent, it is not considered as a static art. It is still a very effective ans of martial arts because it requires the aikido prtitioner to use the energy of their opponent so they can gain control over them. When you will look at the martial art closely, you will realize that aikido is not only a ans of self-defense technique but can also serve a ans of spiritual enlightennt, physical health or exercise or a simple ans of attaining pee of mind, concentration, and serenity. Although different aikido styles gives great emphasis on the spiritual aspects to varying levels so to greater or lesser degrees, the idea that the martial arts was conceptualized in order to hieve pee and harmony remains the most basic ideology of the martial art.Article Source: LinkAbout the Author:This article was submitted by Nizam Shapie, an expert in martial arts. Did you find these tips on martial arts article useful?Find out more about martial arts tips by going toMartial Arts Secrets or World Of Martial Arts Tips and get Tons of FREE information regarding world of martial arts online.

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