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Aluminum die casting is a pressure cast parts,wich can be used for the building decoration,motorcycles,landscaping,and electrical construction,etc.There are many aluminum die casting manufacturers and most likely,they have all gone through a lot to be able to handle the complex process of die casting.However,when it comes to finding an manufacturer of aluminum die casting,it may be a different case.

Aluminum is a lightweight alloy and one of the best metals to die cast.The alloy has a very strong resistance to corrosion and can handle thin walls and complex shapes.Its mechanical properties and features include high thermal or electrical conductivity,strength at high temperatures,ease and quality during machining,high pressure tightness and desirable anti-soldering for die cast processes.Aluminum is also quite costly,but highly desirable for die cast manufacturers.

Most die cast processes can undergo either the hot chamber or the cold chamber,but for an aluminum die casting manufacturer,they must specifically have a cold chamber especially for aluminum and any other alloys with high melting points.In the cold chamber process, the liquidized metal or molten metal is poured into the cold chamber,either by an automated ladle or manually powered ladle.The plunger closes on the cold chamber, pushing the metal into the locked die under high pressure.

Aluminum die casting manufacturers would be able to distinguish the difference of die casting for aluminum than forging,plastic injection, extrusions,stampings, sand castings or permanent mold castings.Before you choose the die casting manufacturer,make sure you have an idea of the die casting process,what will be done and the effects of the whole process to the metal. This way,you have an idea of what will happen and you know what to expect after the process.Trust only those manufacturers who have had a considerable amount of experience in die casting aluminum,because errors in die casting would only mean a lot of time and money wasted.

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