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Jade jewelry is now a lot of all like the collection of an object, but alone will buy is not a simple page. Maintenance is the most important. Cartier Love Bracelet  Without a good maintenance, never mention the jade ornaments of beauty and temperament. Small make up today and you talk about jade maintenance at six of the note. Jade maintenance at six precautions: 1. Avoid hitting touch with hard objects. Jade is very easy to broken after a collision, though sometimes the naked eye can not see the crack, but the molecular structure of the jade in the surface layer is damaged, the dark crack, over time will reveal, greatly damage the perfection and collection value. 2. As far as possible to avoid dust and grease. If there is dust, jade surface should be clean with a soft brush; Cartier Love Rings  If there is attached to the jade like dirt or grease from the surface, the available light warm soapy water scrub. 3. The jade palin's accessories when not to put, into the best jewelry bag or box inside, in order to avoid collision. 4. To avoid perfume, chemicals, soap or body sweat. Because jade contact too much sweat after that will be affected by erosion, damaged the outer layer, the effects of brilliance. Jadeite, suet white jade, avoid is sweat and oil, wear with a soft cloth to wipe clean. 5. Avoid direct sunlight long-term. Cartier Juste un Clou Ring  Jade sun exposure in thermal expansion, the increase of the molecular volume, affect the quality of the jade. Especially crystal, agate, etc by high fever will burst, therefore more avoid is close to the heat source. 6. Too dry environment moisture evaporates easily, thus damaging the quality of the jade. Jade maintenance considerations at six. In general the use method of these accessories is pretty much the same. We don't have to worry about not maintain oneself beloved jade. You still don't know the above six method? , there are a kind of way, Cheap Cartier Necklace  you will be able to put his jade jewelry maintenance is very good.

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