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Intensified Kundalini Yoga is a comprehensive Kundalini Meditation Course. In this an aspirant is initiated in all the 9 chakras of the human body and taught to meditate in the chakras.

Course Fee

The cost of the meditation programme is Rs. 5000/-

Duration of the course

Initiation: 2 hours Grooming Duration: 6 months

Highlights of the course

  1. There are so many people who teach kundalini. But only chosen few have actual experience on kundalini and chakras. AAC is one of the rare institutions which makes a person feel the chakras and kundalini.

  2. The aspirant is taught how to pay reverence and obeisance to a saint and what is Guru Bhakthi.

  3. The aspirant is given initiation in all the chakras in the Holy Jeeva samadhi premises of Mahan Sri Gurulinga Swamigal. It is a great blessing to be initiated in the samadhi temple of Mahan Sri Gurulinga Swamigal.

  4. The aspirant is slowly taught to meditate in the chakras and given the keys for going in depth in to the chakras.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The fee should be paid before the starting of the IKY classes.

  2. The amount should be paid on one payment; no part payments.

  3. The aspirant will be given fee receipt, ID card, Notepad for writing down their everyday spiritual experiences.

  4. The IKY classes are taught to the aspirant on one to one basis.

  5. Special attention and personalized grooming will be given throughout the programme.

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini Energy or Kundalini Shakthi is the divine life energy residing in the base of the spine. When it resides in the base of the spine, it is called as vital energy.

Sleeping Coiled Serpent

Kundalini shakthi is compared to that of a serpent. When it is sleeping, it is compared to a sleeping coiled serpent. When it is awakened, it is compared with that of a cobra(snake) raising its hood.

Dormant Energy

The energy indeed is dormant when it resides at the base of the spine. A very small portion of it is utilized for all the bodily and mind level functions. However, mostly the energy lies un-utilized. When the shakthi resides in the base of the spine in a dormant level, then we lead our life with all our animalistic tendency and instincts. Water is the same only. When if it is in a drainage it is called as dirty water. When it is in an origin of a river or spring, then it is pristine. Likewise, the dormant energy when awakened becomes purer and purer as it moves through the chakras. Energy is the same only, the qualities that it exhibit changes as it moves from chakra to chakra.

Kundalini Energy Rising

Kundalini energy can only be awakened only by a self-realized Guru or under the supervision of a self-realized Guru. The Guru uses His divine energy to awaken and kindle the kundalini (life) energy residing at the base of the spine to a higher chakra. When risen to a higher chakra, the energy not only becomes divine but the entire person becomes transformed. The animalistic qualities becomes transformed in to human and subsequently divine nature; eg : The person is filled with love, compassion, prayerfulness, intuition etc in the higher chakras and slowly moves on the way to the absolute union with the divine. The chakra at the base of the spine is referred to as the Mooladhara Chakra.

Chakras - What are they

Every human is an embodiment of the divine. To know the divine that is within us there are gateways to reach it. These gateways are called as chakras. The Chakras are the gateways that lead to moksha. Chakras are energy points in a human being. They are dormant only and mostly non functional. Only when Kundalini is awakened, do the chakras come in to the play. Kundalini rising happens through the spinal cord, from the base of the spine till the top. There are energy points in the spinal cord, which are called as chakras. There are 9 main chakras in the human body. Though, chakras lie in the human body, they act as a bridge between the physical plane (bodily plane) and the non-physical plane (beyond the human body).

Importance of Chakras

Each chakra has its own qualities. Meditation on a particular chakra will lead to particular benefits. Though there are several doors to reach the divine within us, each chakra has its own importance and benefit.

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