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you know c-reactive protein Orem assisting levels or any of these other markers that least not one that statistically si...

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  • Published: 12/06/2014
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    you know c-reactive protein Orem assisting levels or any of these other markers that least not one that statistically significant I'm checking my level so frequently on this stuff that you think people need to keep in mind is there's so much variation based on time of day in fact give an example about a month ago I didn't experiment in collaboration with the a laboratory called health diagnostic laboratory where we did nine different blood tests in three days but we time them around my workouts so you do in early morning workout you do an early morning blood test neither you know five six teams have blood go out and do a four hour workout comeback and repeated rest for four hours repeat and we did this over the course of three days so yeah two units have blood I give up T-90 Xplodeyou test your blog lot more than mostly but that's right I write I certainly do but I did this because I had a hunch that the activities in our day the timing of when we tested impacted the results in this turned outdo be true there is remarkable variation in my blood markers just as a function of what I was testing them and not surprisingly after hard work out a lot as inflammatory markers were higher than T-90 Xplode in the morning when I parent night of sleep and so I'm I think that the concerns that people put forth that really valid I am I think they mostly stemmed from people possibly not incorporating the well formulated total you know package together so for example if you fail to utilize an up so TM I'm in your diet your body is going to start wasting other minerals and have been an attempt to compensate write your kidneys are you mister to creating more T-90 Xplode you're going to start raiding sodium for passing your going to start getting into cramping in Moscow is the only sort of thing so basically it's important to get enough salt right salt is a very important one but I switched important to pay attention to the overall I'm you the you know Jeff and Steve ever in a wonderful book called the art and science of low-carbohydrate I mean I think it's an appropriate title because there's a lot of science that supports this but ultimately were still in the early stages of understanding how to apply this diet to people in the 21st century and that’s where there is just a little bit art to it and frankly everyone is different I mean there are some people on that I've worked with who have sailed into ketosis they never went through the problems I went through and an air when two &a and there are others for whom it just doesn't seem to work that well it doesn't offer .  

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