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ASP DOT NET & C#.NetIntroduction to C#.Net -Console ApplicationsIntroduction,writing simple Console applications,com...

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  • Published: 11/04/2015
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    ASP DOT NET & C#.Net

    Introduction to C#.Net -Console Applications

    Introduction,writing simple Console applications,compilation using vbc/csc utility,namespaces,assembles,usage of imports/using keyword

    Data types-value type,reference types with examples,variable declaration and usage of variables

    Boxing and Unboxing,creating and using aliases,strings handling,operators,types and usage

    Considtional statements,looping statements,math and date functions


    Object Oriented Prog.Systems(OOPS)

    Concepts of Classes and Objects,components inside a class,OOPS features

    Language and Syntax Enhancements  Classes and Methods

    Working with Constructors and Destructors,default constructors,parameterized constructors

    Exception handling-Introduction,try..catch…finally,create custom exceptions,throw an exception using throw statement

    First Module Test

    Working with Collections-System.Collections namesapce,Arrays vs.Collections

    Arraylist,Hastable,Icollection Interface,Ienumerable Interface etc

    File Handling-System.IO namespace,streamreader/streamwriter classes, reading and writing with Files

    Properties and Access Modifiers

    Inheritances,abstract classes, Interfaces

    PolyMorphism(Function Overloading and Operator Overloading)



    Introduction to Web Programming-ASP.Net

    Clien/Server technology in Internet Environment,How internet and Intranet works,Clientside script vs.Serverside scripts,Understanding the Importance of Web Server,creating and working with virtual directory in IIS

    Introduction to HTML in Asp.Net

    Undestanding the Browser,HTML-Standard Language for Web,Understanding tags in HTML,form,div tag

    Introduction to CSS

    Importance of CSS,types of Style sheets,suing CSS with HTML in design view Controls suing Class and Css class attibutes

    Dynamic HTML with JavaScript in

    Introduction to JavaScript,working with Functions and Events

    Creating Objects with JavaScript,Intrinsic Objects in Javascript

    Working with Server Controls

    Standard Controls,Navigation Controls


    Validation Controls in

    Introduction to Validation Controls,common properites,working with common validation controls

    Intrinsic Objects Under Asp.Net

    Request,Response,session objects with examples

    application object,Server Object,ViewState Objects

    State Management in Asp.Net

    Page Level,User Level,Website Level,cleaning the Session State

    Global Application Class(global.asax),difference b/w machne.config,web.config files

    Working with Master Pages-Simple merging of Contents,usage of Master pages in Websites

    Data binding and Reporting

    Data binding Concepts,Master/Details Reports with Dropdownlist,Linking Crystal reports to Webforms

    Working with Gridview,Repeater controls

    Binding to Collections and List,DataList,DataBinder.Eval() methods

    Caching-Importance of Caching,Working with Caching,type of Caching,setting cache duration Mailing with Asp.Net-mailMessage and smtpmail class,provising security-while sending mails Uploading Files-working with FileUpload Control, restrcing the type and size of files Security in Asp.Net

    Security with Session Object,Codebased security,Windows authentication,forms authentication…

    Microsoft DOTNET 3.5(2008)

    The .NET Framework is a development and execution environment that allows different programming languages and libraries to work together. The Microsoft. NET strategy was presented by Microsoft officials to the rest of the world in June 2000:

    • .NET is Microsoft's new Internet and Web strategy

    • .NET is NOT a new operating system

    • .NET is a new Internet and Web based infrastructure

    • .NET delivers software as Web Services

    • .NET is a framework for universal services

    • .NET is a server centric computing model

    • .NET will run in any browser on any platform

    • .NET is based on the newest Web standards 

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