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01/10/2015 Language Classes

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SADGURU TECHNOLOGIES - 8179736190 04040154733 PL-SQL (Procedure Language – SQL)

• Introduction to Programming Languages • Introduction & Advantages of PL/SQL • PL/SQL Architecture,PL/SQL Data types • Variable and Constants • Using Built-in Functions • Understanding control structure (Simple if, if… else, nested if..else, if..else Ladder) • Selection Case, Simple Case, GOTO Label and EXIT • Iterations in PL/SQL (Simple LOOP,WHILE LOOP,FOR LOOP and NESTED LOOPS) • SQL within PL/SQL & Composite Data types • Cursors in Oracle • Implicit Cursors & Explicit Cursors • Cursor Attributes, Cursor with Parameters • Cursors with LOOPs Nested Cursors, Cursors with Sub Queries,Ref. Cursors • Record and PL/SQL Table Types Advanced PL/SQL • Procedures in PL/SQL • PROCEDURE with Parameters & Notations • Procedure with Cursors • Dropping a Procedure • Functions in PL/SQL • Difference between Procedures and Functions • User Defined Function & Nested Functions • Using stored function in SQL statements • Packages in PL/SQL • Creating PACKAGE Specification and PACKAGE Body • Private and Public Objects in PACKAGE EXCEPTIONS in PL/SQL • Types of exceptions • User Defined Exceptions,Pre Defined Exceptions • RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR • PRAGMA_AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION • SQL Error Code Values Database Triggers in PL/SQL • Types of Triggers, Row Level Triggers, Statement Level Triggers • DDL Triggers, Trigger Auditing

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