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    d, oil pollution????Oil pollution is the main cause of failure of the gear pump through the drought. Here are some common characteristics of gear pumps internal parts damage caused by the oil pollution:????a low-pressure side of the pump (part extends to the high side) deep grooves or large shallow but very intensive parallel scratches appear on the inner wall.????b Gears badly worn.????c floating ring the inside surface of the side plate, a series of concentric grooves dry.????d of the outer circumferential surface of the floating plate, some worm-shaped grooves Bo.????Teflon-coated plates float within P. DU bearings is completely scraped copper-tin alloy layer is clearly visible.????Visible. Oil pollution is caused by the floating side external gear pump is mainly due to cable damage. In Table I under investigation. Side damage as high as 67%, so the oil pollution must be strictly controlled.????The direct cause of the oil pollution is a hydraulic system in the mixed people of various pollutants. Among the greatest harm solid contaminants, their sources are mainly the following aspects of children:????1) The system hard tube wall attached sheet rust, pickling chemicals left in the tube.????2) Hard pipe cutting, welding and threading, etc. during the remaining Canadian iron.????3) seals, seals residue. Since the binding site of sharp edges and size restrictions and other conditions tightening may damage the seal portion, damageBad part grafting into the system.????4) High-pressure hose assemblies internal dust and dirt.????5) hydraulic station assembly site due to environmental factors into the gravel pipes, dust and the like.????Oil pollution control, throughout the hydraulic system design, manufacture, assembly, use and maintenance of the entire process.????System design stage to pay attention to the filter options, and different systems and working conditions are also different filtration requirements.????System manufacturing stage, the Association purchased parts such as various valves, high pressure hoses, fuel tanks, etc., and hydraulic oil to rigorous testing. In the on-site preparation of the hydraulic pipes must be pickled.????Assembly stage, the first ring Ling to prevent pollution; secondly, assembly tools, filters and fuel containers kept clean and in strict accordance with the operating regulationsCheng assembly.????Use and maintenance phases, the oil filter and the oil should be changed regularly. If the fluid has been contaminated, replace all the oil. Special attention, newOil may not be clean. Should be filtered before adding.Third, oil pressur accelerated wear of bearings. When the bearing severe wear, the shaft between the bearing and gear lubricant film is damaged, increased friction, increased wear, resulting in bearing and gear shaft killed. Also caused by high oil viscosity decreased, the lubricant film can cause brokenBad.3 gear pump housing wall suction even severely worn (ie sweep face)????High oil the radial addendum pump casing and the hydraulic pump gap between smaller; the higher the pressure, the greater the radial unbalanced force unbalanced force is large when the radial bending gear shaft make. . so that the top surface of the tooth in contact with the pump housing, causing serious wear and tear. As can be seen from Table 1, the proportion sweep chamber reaches 29%, is relatively high. Therefore, the oil temperature and pressure must be controlled.????In addition, high oil temperature will lead to the support ring inside the outer side groove tip becomes soft, ring sclerosis. The excess pressure can easily cause the shaftSeal damage.Fourth, cavitation and cavitation????External gear pump cavitation and cavitation, it will produce pressure pulsation and pitched howling. Performance gear pump damage caused by the cavitation and cavitation floating inside of the side surface of the ring metal flaking pieces. The inner wall of the high pressure side of the pump housing area small pieces peeling off the metal surface, even a small cave cavernous.????External gear pump in the suction process, the absolute pressure of the suction even lower than the atmospheric pressure. If the 

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